I want to talk today about what is the best truck is to own. People went crazy over the video “What’s the Best Truck to Buy”. That video was intended for someone who is in the process of searching for a truck. It is not directed at the people who already own the truck. If you already own the truck, and it does exactly what you need, you trust it and you have developed a relationship with it, then stick with the truck you have.

I love my 2010 but it worries me only because I have seen a lot of 6.4s with all sorts of problems. A 6.0 does not blow up like a 6.4. One reason is that the fuel injection system in the 6.4, in a stock form, is capable of delivering way more fuel than the engine needs. The 6.0, because of the way the fuel injection system (HEUI injection) works, can’t deliver the amount of fuel that this truck can with tuning. My truck worries me because I know that at some point something weird might happen. But then again, it might go 250K miles. I have seen these trucks with 300K miles on them running perfectly. It is all a matter of how well you take care of it.

You guys in trucks under warranty, I can’t do anything for you except encourage you to change your fluids and filters, use good clean fuel, use fuel additives, use the Archoil or something else to keep the water out of the fuel and make your truck live as long as possible.

You guys outside of warranty and having problems, I can help you but only if you have a Ford because I don’t know anything about other trucks. Follow the instructions on the Powerstrokehelp.com website and do everything necessary to take care of the truck. Change the fluids, keep up with it, keep an eye out for leaks and any sort of potential problems that could be catastrophic. Make it last as long as possible by taking care of it. That is what Powerstrokehelp.com is all about, if you own a Ford Powerstroke diesel truck and you follow the things that I say, it should live forever.

So, what is the best truck to own? Is it a dually, a 6.0, 6.4, 6.7, a Dodge, Toyota Tundra or is it a Duramax? I can’t tell you what is the best Dodge or Duramax. I have no idea. I have never even looked at them nor have I ever seen one on the lift. The best truck to own is the one sitting in your driveway that you own. If it is paid for and it fulfills your needs, that’s the best truck. If it is a gas burner and it does everything that you need it to do then that is fantastic. If it is a Duramax and does everything you need it to do, then that is fantastic.

Do the maintenance, keep your eyes on the EGTs, and make sure your fluid levels are up. Make sure your tires have proper pressure in them. Make sure your brake pads don’t go too low. It is the little things that add up to a good experience with a vehicle. At the end of the day, the best vehicle is the one sitting in your driveway that is paid for that does everything that you need. If it is a Ford and it breaks and it is outside of warranty, call me. I can help you, but if it is anything else you are on your own. There are other people out there on the internet that can help you with that stuff because I just don’t know anything about it. ~Bill Hewitt

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