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How far is “too far” to travel when it comes to getting your Powerstroke repaired properly?

Folks, we have been working exclusively on Ford Diesels for over the past 25-years and it’s all we do! Our business has always been generated by “word-of-mouth” and new customers come to us from near and far. WHY YOU ASK? In a word… FRUSTRATION!

Most of them have had recent work done that cost them a fortune and still didn’t solve their problems. So, they do like anyone would do in their situation. They begin to expand their search by asking around to see if anyone knows of a good reliable mechanic to repair their Power Stroke truck.

Our repair facility is located in Buford, Georgia, which is just 20 minutes NE of Atlanta. When you consider how expensive it is to replace parts on a Power Stroke it doesn’t take long to rack up a considerable repair Bill, especially when the mechanic is just “throwing parts” at your truck in the hopes of eventually finding the faulty component.

With the average part on a Power Stroke costing $500 or more it doesn’t require a lot of thought about whether to make the drive to our facility. Here are some of the ways we can assist long distance customers:

  • If your truck is not running, we have reliable lower cost vehicle shippers that can transport your truck to our facility for repair. We’ve had trucks shipped to us from all over the world and from every state in the USA (Yes, even Hawaii and Alaska!). To get the details about shipping your truck, just phone the shop we’ll get you lined up with a low-cost solution to ship your truck.
  • Repairs that can be scheduled and completed in the same day are easy. Just make an appointment and we’ll work on your vehicle immediately when you arrive.
  • Repairs that take longer than a day sometimes do my homework require a little more planning. We have a deal with a local rental car company with rates about 50% off. We’ll have them drop the car off at our facility and have it waiting for you. We also can arrange low-cost shuttle transportation to and from the Atlanta (ATL) airport if you are flying.

Let’s face it folks, taking your Power Stroke to a distant facility seems like a lot of trouble, but when you consider the HIGH RISK of letting untrained mechanics work on your truck it makes all the sense in the world. Peace of mind is worth a little inconvenience sometimes because you know that the end result will be right!

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