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Superduty Front End “Death Wobble” Fix

You’re driving down the road in your Superduty when suddenly your steering wheel starts oscillating uncontrollably! If you’re an F-Series Powerstroke owner and this happens on your truck it can be a very upsetting and unnerving experience, especially at freeway speeds.

I get a lot of emails about this common occurrence so I decided to do a deep-dive on the how, why and remedies for this Superduty front end “death wobble” anomaly.

In the video I explain about front end alignment strategies plus I also talk about how worn tires, wheel balancing and big wheel/tires contribute to the problem. AND, for you guys with 2005+ model year trucks  I clue you in on a very specialized aftermarket part that help with this problem.

FYI: Here is a link to a Google search showing merchants that sell the BD Diesel Cam-Caster Adjustment Kit.

~Bill Hewitt

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