One of the major maintenance expenditures on one of these trucks is brakes. This particular truck weighs 8,500 pounds with 1,100 ft lbs of torque. Stopping puts a lot of wear and tear on the brakes.

I have tried pretty much every brake combination out there – the factory Ford rotors don’t work very long – they warp and vibrate. The cheap Chinese rotors from Advance or Auto Zone are a little better, but not much. Recently, Advance Auto Parts has come out with a new line of extreme duty brakes, Carquest Frontline PD Brakes. The brochure has little graphs that say they stop quicker and faster – I don’t know. They are expensive. You are talking about a front rotor that is usually $99 and now $150 retail. Even though they are more expensive, I figure I got about 38-40,000 out of a set of brakes on this truck and I am going to see if I can extend it a little further.

Advance offers these black rotors that are supposed to be corrosion resistant. It’s a Wearever and they call it their severe duty. These things are expensive, but I bought 4 rotors and their severe duty pads to try and see how they do.

Has anyone tried these extreme duty brakes and rotors? I would love feedback on them and on what you have done to get brakes to work better. I have tried all kinds of brakes; it is a never ending game for me. I am hoping, even though they are more expensive, that I won’t have to change them as often. I’d like to hear feedback on what people have done and I’ll let you know how it works out for me. ~Bill Hewitt

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