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Perma-Finish Paint Renewal System

Today I want to talk about a really interesting process that is offered by my friend Vince with Perma-Finish. Perma-Finish is a process that makes the paint shine. This particular truck has some issues. It looks good from a distance, but if you look close it is loaded with environmental damage. We are going to make it look brand new again.

We get these older trucks in my shop that are nice looking trucks (straight, the paint is not beat up or scratched), but the surface finish has been beat down by acid rain, bird poop, improper washing chemicals and no longer is as lustrous as it should be. Vince has this proprietary process that is just incredible. It is really one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. It really helps my Powerstroke customers who have older trucks that just don’t look as it good as they can and they don’t want to spend all that money to repaint it.  They just need its luster back. This is a cost effective solution to bringing back the good looks of the truck.

This process bonds to the paint rather than sitting on top of the paint like a wax job, sealant, or coating. It is in the paint and can’t come off. The process bonds to the paint and tightens the weave so when light hits it, the reflection is brighter. This truck is going to be shinier than the day it was produced.

If you look at the paint, you can see that this paint has been waxed and is clean. There is some chipping and pealing that this process won’t help, but the luster is dull. The chips have to be touched up with the truck color. If you look down the side of the truck, it is straight, no dents, good shine. There are a few scratches that can be taken out as long as they are not through the surface. If we can take this truck and make it look new, this customer is going to be extremely happy with the outcome.

Two days later

The shine on this truck is amazing! I can’t believe that is the same paint job. That is just incredible. It still has some spots on the hood, we couldn’t get everything because the paint has the problem, but all that other stuff is gone. That is unbelievable. This is a ten year old truck.

This outcome is truly incredible, for me to see this type of work being done inspires me. These are some very talented people doing this work. The cost of this process is normally $725. This job was $930, because it had issues but there was a Powerstroke discount, which brought the price down to $805.

If you bring your truck to us to be bulletproofed, we can have this process done while it is here. We like to be able to combine these services so we can better help our customers have pride in their vehicle. Perma-Finish comes with a 6 year warranty to stay this shiny and not lose its luster. We want you to continue to have a good relationship with your truck, enjoy it, and realize the benefits of the investment you make. $82,000 is what they get for a new 2017 aluminum King Ranch. That is just insane. Spend a little money on the one you got. If you sell the truck in 5 years, you will recoup your investment because it will look like you waxed it every weekend.

 Avoid washing a truck for 14 days after this process. You can get it wet, but no soap. When you do use soap, you want to use car/truck soap, but nothing with acid. ~Bill Hewitt

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