6.0 Liter Powerstroke Diesel Master Mechanic Video Training Series

HPOP – High Pressure Oil Pump R&R

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part 1


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One of the most troublesome parts on your 6.0L can be the high pressure oil pump. The HPOP can have many symptoms making it sometimes tough to diagnose. Symptoms can range from a cold no start to a no-start condition when hot. In the 6.0L, the pump was moved to the rear of the motor under the turbocharger. Talk about a nightmare to get at. The 03 and 04 model 6.0L’s had issues, but the HPO system was more reliable than the 05 system due to a faulty fitting. That was solved with a bracket and life moved on. This section will show you how to get to the pump and how to reinstall it along with the bracket for the STC fitting.

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