I am here to talk to you about how to use POWERSTROKEHELP.COM. There are two sections. The first is free and it deals with maintenance and performance. The second section is the Master Mechanic Video Repair Series which is subscription based.

Maintenance Sections:
This includes everything from how to change the oil correctly; what are the intervals; and the 3 F’s – fuel, fluids, and filters, to name a few. It is amazing how many failures in these trucks can be traced back to very basic maintenance.

Performance and Upgrades Sections:
Everyone wants to get better fuel economy and go a little faster without hurting the truck. That is basically what we deal with in the performance and upgrades sections.

The second section is the Master Mechanic Video Repair series which requires a subscription. This section deals with diagnostics, troubleshooting and procedures on how to repair these trucks. How do you change an injector? How do you figure out which injector is bad? How do you change an engine? What does it look like on the inside of an engine when you disassemble it? How do you change head gaskets on a 6.0L? These videos allow you to look over the shoulder of the mechanic while he does the procedure. There are many books on the market full of numbers and the step-by-step stuff; these videos show you how the mechanics do it day in and day out.

The Master Mechanic series is designed to help you solve problems. If you have a problem with your truck and you are looking for reference material to allow you to see how a certain procedure is done or how to diagnose a problem, this is the part of the site for you.

Powerstrokehelp.com indirectly supports Powerstroke Specialty, our brick and mortar repair business, in Buford, GA. Any time you feel out of your league in doing any of these repairs, and you would like to get your truck to us, we do ship all over the world. We would be happy to fix your truck for you. We have had trucks shipped from Panama; Idaho; Nome, Alaska; and every state in the country. The truck from Nome cost him more to ship his truck than it did to fix it, but his truck is fixed and he is happy.

Powerstrokehelp.com exists solely so that you can have some information to help you get the most out of your experience owning a Ford diesel truck. It doesn’t have to be difficult; it doesn’t have to be a nightmare; and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Certain repairs are expensive and they are necessary, but if you have it done right the first time, you will get the most out of your truck.

Knowledge is power. Use what I have here to empower yourself to get the most out of your experience of owning a Ford Powerstroke diesel truck. ~Bill Hewitt

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