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Cup Holder Replacement in 2008+ Powerstroke

Apologies for focus issues – learning a new camera

This is a quick talk about replacing the cup holders in the Ford Powerstroke truck from 2008 up to present. These things are junk. This particular one was actually working pretty well, but the spring part went bad. It just doesn’t hold my Big Gulp like it use to. There is nothing worse than getting your drink spilt on your feet when you’re going down the road.

I purchased a new cup holder from Ford. They come in the different colors, of course, depending on what you have, black or tan, etc. Use the VIN from the truck when ordering this part from Ford.

Watch the video for step by step instructions on how to change this part.

Now you have a nice drink holder that will hold your cup like it is suppose to. ~Bill Hewitt

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