This is a quick video about a 7.3 intermittent skip. This man pulled his hair out on this truck. It is a ’01 or ’02 F250 7.3. It had an intermittent skip. He put in an IDM, 8 injectors, and harnesses and gaskets under the valve cover and still, every now and then, he would go over a bump and it would skip. It turns out that he wasted all this money. It is a problem we see over and over again. Let me show you.

It is really common, where the engine harness goes into the main harness, for the part of the harness right below the plug to drag against the valve cover. It is just a matter of bending this bracket around a little bit, to make sure that you keep that harness off of there, and then find the wire that has rubbed through. Before you go throwing parts at your truck every time you go over a bump and it goes to skipping and cut off, take a look at this plug.  You can actually see on the valve cover where it was arcing against the valve cover. As soon as it touches and grounds out, the IDM and PCM will make sure that bank is shut completely off and the truck will go to running like a 4 cylinder tractor. This guy could have avoided spending a whole bunch of money had he just paid attention to what he was doing and looked at this. He had to take this plug off to put the injectors in this side.

A little bit of paying attention to what is going on with the details would have saved him a lot of time and effort. ~Bill Hewitt

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