Fubar! Very Broken PSD's... The How & Why It Happened!

7.3L Powerstrokes ARE NOT Indestructible… Here’s proof!

The buzz in Powerstroke Land is that the 7.3L motor is indestructible! Well, that just isn’t so my friends! Watch this 2-minute video and I’ll give you an up close and personal look at what happens when you combine youth, hot tuning and large off-road tires.

I hope Daddy has a very thick wallet for I am fairly sure that this won’t be the last time this truck will require some fixing…

BTW: I have taken some flak lately for promoting the virtues of the Archoil line of fuel and oil additives. They’re especially helpful to 7.3 and 6.0 Powerstroke owners because of their problematic HEUI fuel injector design. BUT, in the case of this particular 7.3 debacle, Archoil wasn’t going to help this guy out! (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the jab back!) ~Bill Hewitt

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