This is a 2011 6.7L F250 with 117,000 miles. It is the 6.7L with the plastic oil pan and the ceramic ball bearing turbo. I am going to show you what it sounds like when the turbo charger fails in this truck. It is not a happy sound at all.

You can also see a cloud of smoke coming out of the tail pipe. That is the oil going past the seal that is no longer intact. This is a common problem in the early 6.7s. They decided to put ceramic bearings in it from what I’ve heard. As a result, under hard load, they will come apart and the turbo will fail. These turbo chargers are prone to bearing failure on the ’11 and ’12 models. You can see where the bearings failed. You can see where the impeller has gone against the case causing that terrible noise.

Unfortunate this will cost a couple thousand dollars to fix. The ceramic bearings seemed like a good idea on paper but it is a problem.

If you hear this noise coming out of a ’11 or ’12 6.7L, then you can count on having to put a turbo charger on it which have since been changed to steel bearings.  ~Bill Hewitt

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