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6.0L Powerstroke Dealerproof Super Fast Turn Around…

If your truck is an important piece in your life and you don’t have it lifetime dealerproofed yet, you need to seriously consider it. We are professionals; this is what we do all day, every day. The dealerproof process comes with a lifetime head gasket warranty which we can offer because of our BiggDogg cylinder heads.

The BiggDogg cylinder heads is the key to our success with the lifetime dealerproof process. These are Ford remanufactured castings. I DO NOT use Chinese castings. We tried, but that was a total disaster because they were garbage. The metallurgy in the Chinese heads is very poor and would crack. We couldn’t find any that wouldn’t crack under hard use. We start with factory Ford castings and add all new factory Ford valves. We DO NOT use any aftermarket parts. We o-ring the heads with an o-ring that sits up 4 or 5,000th above the deck. This bites into the head gasket when you tighten the head studs down. We pay meticulous attention to detail in producing the BiggDogg heads and achieve very straight surfaces. All the castings have been checked out for cracks. We DO NOT fix cracks like a lot of other head manufacturers. If they are cracked in any way, shape or form, they get thrown out.

These particular heads do not originally come with bronze guides in them, rather steel on steel and the valve rides against the casting which is bad for long term wear. We add the bronze guides which help online paper writer lubricate the valves as they work in the heads which makes them last a lot longer. We are the only ones in the world that makes and markets these heads. There are other people out there that claim it, but I am the only guy that gives the lifetime warranty. We have extremely fast turnaround and the best trained technicians in the industry to make sure that you get what you paid for when you come to visit us.

The BiggDogg cylinder heads combined with ARP head studs and factory Ford head gaskets absolutely seal the head gaskets. Also included in this process is a brand new Ford EGR cooler that comes with a 2 year warranty. We do our own in-house tuning that will give you the maximum amount of power without sacrificing the longevity of the engine. We reseal all the seals and sensors on the sides where they are prone to leak. We check and reseal the injectors. If there are any other components like belts or hoses that need to be redone, we find them when we have the truck apart. We only charge for the cost of the parts, the labor is paid as part of the dealerproof process. This is absolutely crucial so that you can depend on your 6.0L to do what you need it to do to get the job done.

The 6.0L’s are good pre-emission trucks. They have some minor emission stuff on them, but for the most part, these are pre-emission (pre-DPF) trucks. It is one of the reasons why I like the 6.0L. The transmissions are absolutely unkillable on these trucks. They have the updated, more modern front suspensions on the 4×4 with a coil springs. It is a truck that is really worth fixing and keeping on the road. Once I get done with the truck, it is absolutely dependable. In the last five years we have probably done between 3,000-4,000 head gasket jobs on these trucks with the lifetime dealerproof process and have NOT had one comeback. We have had folks with other little problems, but the head gaskets never go bad again. As long as a customer sticks with our tuning, which we mandate in our warranty, you will not have a problem with these head gaskets. I can look in the camera and guarantee that because we have proved it over and over. We have fast turnarounds also, usually turning these trucks around in about a week. Attached is a time-lapse video with two of my mechanics completing an installation in one day. Follow along with this one; I think you will really enjoy what you see… ~Bill Hewitt

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