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Folks, we get hundreds of emails each week on every kind of subject regarding Powerstroke Trucks. We have posted over one hundred FREE videos about the Powerstroke Platform so the average person can take charge of their own destiny maintaining, diagnosing, repairing and upgrading their trucks. Our FREE videos have been very popular with over THREE MILLION views and we are very glad we could help!

Unfortunately, the number of questions we receive daily asking us to diagnose failure symptoms or about which tuner you should buy, etc, has reached a point where we just can't answer those types of questions anymore. We are just not staffed to support you beyond the FREE information contained in the videos.

If your truck is broken and you need to figure out what your problem is ASAP we suggest the following courses of action:

OPTION 1: If you need information, price quote, etc., about having your truck repaired by our facility in Buford , GA. , please call 770-931-4070. Calling our facility is the only way we can ensure that service information and quotation pricing is precise for your situation. Many people believe their trucks require major repairs when, in reality, they are asking for quotations for major repair work which was prescribed by a mechanic not familiar with Powerstrokes or Dealerships. Let's make sure that you really get the repairs you need by calling our office and talking with one of our Powerstroke experts. Our office hours are 9am-6pm M-F Eastern Time.

OPTION 2: If you can't visit our facility in Buford , GA and you need expert advice and repair information we recommend that you subscribe to our Master Mechanic Training Series. The information is specifically formatted for identifying failed components and making repairs. If you subscribe to the Master Mechanic Training Series you also get priority access to our expert technical staff to help you solve your Powerstroke problems by both email and telephone. For more information click here!

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How to Buy a Used Powerstroke Truck
This video delves into the top things to look for when you are in the market for a used Powerstroke Diesel truck. Discussed are the advantages and pit falls of purchasing from dealers as well as individuals. Follow the inspection worksheet to uncover potentially expensive pitfalls.
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Spot, The PSH Shop Truck & Faithful Mule Dies at 798,169 Miles...
Spot, our shop truck you see featured in many of our repair videos, just suffered a catastrophic failure (Threw a rod destroying the block). We did a postmortem tear-down so you can see the wear points of a 7.3L Powerstroke engine with an amazing 798K miles on the clock. You'll be amazed, just like we were, at the condition of critical components. If you own a 7.3 PSD you need to view this video!
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Master Mechanic Video Repair Series Just Released...
PowerstrokeHelp.com has just released the Master Mechanic Video Repair Series, which covers both 7.3L & 6.0L Powerstroke diesel repair. See the repair procedures performed step-by-step. Learn where the trouble spots are that will cost you $$. See how we train our mechanics to fix Powerstroke's! More...
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7.3L Powerstroke Performance Modifications..
Follow a step-by-step breakdown of recommended mods for your 7.3L. See the results as we dyno test after each modification with detailed results.
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6.0L Powerstroke Catastrophic Engine Failure…
This is our most popular video on our free side. See the cascading effect of running this engine hot. Heat is the #1 killer of the 6.0L, which over time causes component breakdown and eventually destroys the engine!
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