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"Hero Kit" Rental... aka Diagnostic Pressure Gauge Kit Rental Just $10 Month!

EDAS® will definitely let you know when trouble is brewing in Powerstroke cooling system. BUT, it is up to you or your mechanic to figure out which component is is the culprit. Once you have ruled out some of the easier to diagnose problems like thermostats, EGR valves, low coolant and cooling fan clutches, you're going to need to use a diagnostic pressure gauge kit (We Call It The "HERO KIT") to dig deeper.

How To Use The HERO Kit
Watch This Clip ------>

A diagnostic pressure gauge kit is absolutely essential to properly diagnose a Powerstroke cooling system, but they are a rare item for a mechanic to have in their toolbox. That is why we have put together our own kit and made them available as a TOOL RENTAL through the mail.

In our HERO KIT is a pressure gauge fitted with a very long hose, which you will connect to the cooling system of your truck while performing a test drive. Also included in the kit is all the hardware accessories to easily connect the kit to your cooling system. All you need to do is follow the directions in the HERO KIT VIDEO video above to diagnose your truck's cooling system.

Here is how it our HERO KIT rental program works:

  • The cost of the HERO KIT rental is just $10 for 30-days.
  • You must pay the shipping to and from PowerstrokeHelp.com. You have many different shipping options from regular ground to overnight delivery... You make the choice on your shipping method during checkout.
  • You will be charged the full price of the HERO KIT at the time of the rental, which is $49.95.
  • When you return the HERO KIT we will refund the purchase price you paid for the kit minus the $10 rental fee.
  • If you keep the HERO KIT past 30-days the rental will convert to a sale. No rental refunds are given after 30-days from receipt by the customer of the HERO KIT. For example; the day you receive the HERO KIT in the mail the rental starts. The HERO KIT must be back in PowerstrokeHelp.com's possession no later than the 30th day after you receive the kit in the mail.
  • When the HERO KIT is returned we will inspect the kit for lost or broken items. If we discover any lost or broken kit items we will deduct the cost of those kit pieces from the customer's initial deposit.

The HERO KIT Rental program is easy... We ship you the kit and you use it for diagnostics! When you are finished you simply return the kit to us in the same box using whatever shipping method you choose. Just make sure the kit is back in our hands within 30-days. It's certainly a lot easier to rent our HERO KIT than running all over town trying to find the proper pressure gauge and associated hardware to make your own diagnostic pressure gauge kit! ~Bill Hewitt

PowerstrokeHelp.com HERO KIT Rental
$10 for 30-days (Deposit $49.95)
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