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Very Broken PSD's... The How & Why It Happened

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Installing the EDAS® Alert System...

In this section we familiarize the installer with the proper installation procedures for the EDAS® Alert System. Installing EDAS® is not hard and can be easily accomplished by someone with average mechanical skills and basic hand tools. If you can change the oil in your Powerstroke truck you are qualified to install EDAS®!

The installation will take a first-time installer about 30-45 minutes. Second time installs can be completed in about 15-20 minutes! Once EDAS® is installed you will need to perform a cooling system pressure diagnostic to verify that your new EDAS® installation is working correctly. For cooling system pressure diagnostics click here.

Below are the EDAS®installation videos and instruction manuals:

6.0 EDAS Installation Video -- Click HERE!
6.4L EDAS Installation Video -- Click HERE!

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Engine Damage Avoidance System EDAS® for 6.0L/6.4 Powerstroke
It's no joke when a 6.0/6.4 Powerstroke breaks! EGR coolers/EGR valves, head gaskets & more cost huge $$$. When one of these components fails it causes a cascade effect that destroys other expensive parts within minutes. STOP this costly & unnecessary destruction of your engine with EDAS®!
Click Here To See The Video!

6.0L Powerstroke Catastrophic Engine Failure…
This is our most popular video on our free side. See the cascading effect of running this engine hot. Heat is the #1 killer of the 6.0L, which over time causes component breakdown and eventually destroys the engine!
Click Here To See The Video!

Master Mechanic Video Repair Series Just Released...
PowerstrokeHelp.com has just released the Master Mechanic Video Repair Series, which covers both 7.3L & 6.0L Powerstroke diesel repair. See the repair procedures performed step-by-step. Learn where the trouble spots are that will cost you $$. See how we train our mechanics to fix Powerstroke's! More...
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